Sandy Carson, Austin, TX

 & Shawn Records, Beaver, OR

All photos made on Saturday, February 24, 2018 between the hours of 9:00am-9:00pm. 

Sandy Carson, 9:00 hour (self-portrait)

Shawn Records, 9:00 hour (self-portrait)

Sandy Carson, 10:00 hour 

Shawn Records, 10:00 hour

Sandy Carson, 11:00 hour

Shawn Records, 11:00 hour

Sandy Carson, 12:00 hour

Shawn Records, 12:00 hour

Sandy Carson, 1:00 hour 

Shawn Records, 1:00 hour

Sandy Carson, 2:00 hour 

Shawn Records, 2:00 hour 

Sandy Carson, 3:00 hour

Shawn Records, 3:00 hour

Sandy Carson, 4:00 hour

Shawn Records, 4:00 hour 

Sandy Carson, 5:00 hour

Shawn Records, 5:00 hour

Sandy Carson, 6:00 hour

Shawn Records 6:00 hour

Sandy Carson, 7:00 hour

Shawn Records, 7:00 hour

Sandy Carson, 8:00 hour

Shawn Records, 8:00 hour 

Sandy Carson, 9:00 hour

Shawn Records, 9:00 hour

Sandy Carson is a Scottish photographer, cyclist and musician based Austin, Texas. His photography explores sensitive cultural issues of American consumerism and the social landscape with a scrutiny particular to one who was born and raised in another country. A monograph of his work on the aftermath of Hurricane Ike, Paradise Has Relocated, was published in 2010 and his second book published by Daylight-We Were There is a symbiotic study of a decade documenting concert fandom as shot from the pit. His third book, 'I'm New Here' is currently in the works.

When not cycling and making music, Carson splits his time between long term personal photography projects and editorial reportage. His work is featured in The New York Times, Aperture, NPR, the Huff Post and The BBC.

Find Sandy on Instagram: @sandy_carson

Shawn Records holds a BA from Boise State University and an MFA from Syracuse University. His work is in the permanent collections of the Museum of Contemporary Photography, Light Work, and the Portland Art Museum and has been shown widely, including solo exhibitions at Blue Sky Gallery and group exhibitions at MoCP, INOVA, Newspace Center for Photography, Photo Center Northwest, and others. Editorial clients have included the New York Times Magazine, Vice, LeMonde's M, Travel & Leisure, Dwell, and many others.

Based in Portland, Oregon, Records juggles assignment work with walking the dogs and teaching photography at various colleges and universities. He is currently working on Now is the Time, a book-length project inspired by aging, anxiety, and a handful of sleepy towns on the Oregon coast. Previous books include La Playa (Blue Sky Books), Owner of this World (Publication Studio), and From the Bottom of a Well, a “poetic & tragically humorous account” of creating tourist propaganda in China (A-Jump Books).

Find Shawn on Instagram: @shawn_records_the_person


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