Meron Menghistab, Brooklyn, NY

 & Aline Smithson, Los Angeles, CA

All photos made on Saturday, November 4, 2017 between the hours of 9:00am-9:00pm.

Meron Menghistab, 9:00 hour 

Aline Smithson, 9:00 hour 

Meron Menghistab, 10:00 hour (self-portrait)

Aline Smithson, 10:00 hour

Meron Menghistab, 11:00 hour

Aline Smithson, 11:00 hour

Meron Menghistab, 12:00 hour

Aline Smithson, 12:00 hour

Meron Menghistab, 1:00 hour 

Aline Smithson, 1:00 hour

Meron Menghistab, 2:00 hour 

Aline Smithson, 2:00 hour 

Meron Menghistab, 3:00 hour

Aline Smithson, 3:00 hour

Meron Menghistab, 4:00 hour

Aline Smithson, 4:00 hour 

Meron Menghistab, 5:00 hour

Aline Smithson, 5:00 hour

Meron Menghistab, 6:00 hour

Aline Smithson, 6:00 hour

Meron Menghistab, 7:00 hour

Aline Smithson, 7:00 hour

Meron Menghistab, 8:00 hour

Aline Smithson, 8:00 hour 

Meron Menghistab, 9:00 hour

Aline Smithson, 9:00 hour

Meron Menghistab is a Seattle native living and working as a photographer in New York City. He typically creates work splitting his time between editorial portraiture and reportage on assignment, or working on long term projects that express his personal relationship with being first generation Eritrean-American in today’s global social climate. 

Find Meron on Instagram: @meron_photo

After a career as a New York Fashion Editor, Aline Smithson is represented by galleries in the U.S. and Europe and published throughout the world. She founded the journal, LENSCRATCH in 2007 and has been teaching at the Los Angeles Center of Photography since 2001. She lives and works in Los Angeles.

Find Aline on Instagram: @alinesmithson


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