Carrie Thompson, Minneapolis, MN

& Tara Wray, Barnard, VT

All photos made Tuesday, November 8, 2016 between the hours of 9:00am-9:00pm.

Carrie Thompson, 8:00 hour

Tara Wray, 8:00 hour

Carrie Thompson, 9:00 hour

Tara Wray, 9:00 hour

Carrie Thompson, 10:00 hour

Tara Wray, 10:00 hour

Carrie Thompson, 11:00 hour

Tara Wray, 11:00 hour

Carrie Thompson, 12:00 hour

Tara Wray, 12:00 hour

Carrie Thompson, 1:00 hour

Tara Wray, 1:00 hour

Carrie Thompson, 2:00 hour

Tara Wray, 2:00 hour

Carrie Thompson, 3:00 hour

Tara Wray, 3:00 hour

Carrie Thompson, 4:00 hour

Carrie Thompson, 5:00 hour

Tara Wray, 5:00 hour

Carrie Thompson, 6:00 hour

Tara Wray, 6:00 hour

Carrie Thompson, 7:00 hour

Tara Wray, 7:00 hour

Carrie Thompson, 8:00 hour

Tara Wray, 9:00 hour

Carrie Thompson's work explores roots, rootlessness, and restlessness, generally in the context of her own upbringing as the child of a broken family. Most of Thompspn's work is photographic, but she is also a writer and the editor of the New Moon Project. She isthe recipient of 2015-2016 and 2010-2011 MN State Arts Board Artist Initiative Grant for Photography along with a McKnight Artist Fellowship for Photographers in 2009. She is and has been Alec Soth’s studio manager since 2008.

Find Carrie on Instagram: @carrielittlebit 

Tara Wray is a photographer based in rural Vermont. She is the author of Come Again When You Can't Stay So Long, a self-published photobook that was a follow up to her 2006 documentary film Manhattan, Kansas (SXSW 2006). Born and raised in Kansas, Wray studied documentary filmmaking at NYU. She curates interviews with photographers at Vice, Huffington Post, and BUST Magazine, and is photo editor at the literary journal Hobart. A new book of photos titled Too Tired for Sunshine will be released by Yoffy Press in 2018. 

Find Tara on Instagram: @tara_wray

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