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"2022" is a self-published experimental photobook/calendar. The text features my deeply religious grandmother's first-person journal entries coupled with vernacular real estate photos of her home after her death to create a portrait of her life. A calendar creates order and a system for the present. But the past intrudes. The past seeps in. What if a calendar could include the seepage, the voices, the ghosts? What if it could be a more intimate document than it is? As well, it's also just a practical 2022 calendar. This work is part of an extended eulogy to my deceased and estranged family, and a new entry in the body of work that includes "Manhattan, Kansas" and "Come Again When You Can't Stay So Long." 

28 pages / 12 x 12 in. / Saddle stitched

14 color photographs

Signed/numbered edition of 20 copies

Shipping late Dec/early Jan 2022

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